How To Download Private Embedded Vimeo Videos

How To Download Private Embedded Vimeo Videos

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  • Download youtube-dl
  • Find Vimeo video id
  • Start download

Downloading youtube-dl

I assume you’ve Python installed in your system. If not then I install Python and go for version 3 then install youtube-dl using pip

pip install youtube-dl

In Many Linux system you may have to type the following command to use Python 3.

sudo pip3 install youtube-dl

Finding Video ID

It can be tough. Look at the souce code of the page where video is embeded and you will find vimeo video id.


Assuming video was embedded on the following URL

and video id is 1234531.

Now open your Terminal and type

youtube-dl -v "" --referer ""

replace 1234531 in with your video id.

If you see any error after download don’t forget to install ffmpeg. In Ubuntu you can type the following command to do that.

sudo apt install ffmpeg

If you still see an error then you may be using an old version of youtube-dl, update is using

sudo pip3 install --upgrade youtube_dl

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