Ravindra's Blog

Ravindra's Blog

This is a blog, you may have or have not noticed but this is a static blog generated by Jekyll, It uses bootstrap and css features which wasn’t used from bootstrap are stiped down by recompiling bootstrap by gulp.

Technologies Uses

  • Bash
  • Jekyll
  • Bootstrap
  • Gulp & libraries
  • And a lot of other tools


  • Next generation webp format images.
  • Open graph support
  • Full offline support
  • Full PWA support
  • Accessibility
  • Very lightweight
  • Compressed, optimized and minified HTML, CSS, JS and other asset files
  • Collection support
  • Last modified at support
  • Archieve option
  • Comment option
  • Firebase integration


I put a lot of efforts to make this blog best version of itself, you can judge that by looking at the lighthouse report

Lighthouse SEO Report

All kind of suggestions and feedbacks are highly appreciated.

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