My Favorite Editor Shortcuts For Faster Development

My Favorite Editor Shortcuts For Faster Development


I work in a software company and everyday I see people doing easy things the hard way and getting tired, wasting time & energy, etc. When I say about mastering text editor shortcuts I don’t want you to remember everything, I will be happy if you learn one shortcut per day, after a month you’ll probably know more than 30 shortcuts and that’s all you need, Let’s see some of my favorite shortcuts, I have been using Sublime and VS Code but I’ll try to list about other editors as well.

Switching files

Almost all projects contain many files and during development we have to switch between files, a lot of people uses sidebar and they expand folder and choose file which is slow and time consuming process, let’s see how to speed up.

Sublime & VS Code: CTRL + P opens fuzzy files finder, which means you can type partial names of your file to open it, ex: to open resources/view/product/create.blade.php you can type rvpcre and it will list on the first, after playing with this you’ll love it.

IntelliJ IDEs: Double Shift and it will open file search option, File search in those IDEs can search for file name and also class name.

Text Selection & Multi Selection

Text selection is the most common task in programming world, if you’re a web developer then you have to repeat a lot of stuff in HTML like id, name then same variable for error message, etc. Knowing how to select text can save you a lot of time.

Text Selection

These keyboard shortcuts are common for almost every editor and works on almost all platform (I don’t have a Mac to test)

1SHIFT + ENDFrom cursor to end of line
2SHIFT + HOMEFrom cursor to start of line
3CTRL + SHIFT + LEFT/RIGHT ARROW KEYSelect word by word form cursor
5CTRL + BACKSPACEDelete word by word form left of cursor
4CTRL + DELETEDelete word by word form right of cursor
4SHIFT + DELETEDelete one line(May not work everywhere)

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