Remove Bloatware Without Root in Android

Remove Bloatware Without Root in Android

If you want to remove preinstalled from your Android phone then this post is for you.


  • An Android
    • USB Debugging should be on.
  • A Computer (Mac, Linux or Windows)
    • ADB should be installed.
    • ADB drivers should be installed (Windows only)

ADB Downloads:


  • Connect your phone with your computer and make sure adb is working by typing adb devices -l, it will show a prompt in your phone, accept it, run adb devices -l again and it should output your phone model/codename in terminal.
  • In many phones you have to select connection type as MTP or they won’t work.

Let’s remove Facebook.

To remove apps from phone using ADB we need to know it’s package name, let’s remove Facebook, open Google and search facebook play store and click on first link which should be, you can see id=com.facebook.katana that’s package name for facebook, you can find package name by any other method too it doesn’t matter as long as it is correct.

Open your terminal and type adb shell pm uninstall --user 0 com.facebook.katana and it will remove facebook for current user, if you have more than one user then you have to change --user 0 to --user x.

List All Users

$ adb shell pm list users
      UserInfo{0:Ravindra:13} running
      UserInfo{10:Test:10} running

User id is: 0 in UserInfo{0:Ravindra:13} running User id is: 10 in UserInfo{10:Test:10} running

To remove Facebook for user Test with id 10 run

adb shell pm uninstall --user 10 com.facebook.katana

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